The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is one of the best known and prestigious certificates in the world. It was initially introduced mainly for retail chains by the British Retail Consortium from which it takes its name. The Standard was recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Nowadays, this quality and food safety certificate is more and more often required by local and international distributors, as well.

The BRC standard defines the conditions to be satisfied both by the manufacturer and the supplier to ensure the food safety of food products and appropriate health and production conditions. Our BRC accreditation ensures we deliver top quality, compliant, consistent and safe foodstuffs. The obligation to comply with detailed requirements helps us establish a contract with the most demanding customers.

Clients can gain an objective insight into food safety standards at an organisation without the need for an independent audit, thanks to the following guidelines:

  • standard evaluation of requirements and ease of interpretation;
  • possibility of continuous improvement thanks to the ongoing observation of all activities;
  • options to remedy non-conformities;
  • comprehensive and detailed knowledge of product safety and legality.

A BRC certificate guarantees top quality, legality, consistency and safety of food produced. The obligation to conform to detailed requirements facilitates contact with the most demanding clients.

In 2010, Cerekiew, Ropczyce and Strzelin sugar factories were the first to be certified to the BRC standard, joined in 2011 by Świdnica and Strzyżów sugar factories.