GMP+ Certification Scheme is the international certification system ensuring feed safety.
The GMP acronym stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. That principle began the formulation of the present GMP+ Feed Certification scheme in 1992. It developed in the full-range certification system taking also into account ISO and HACCP quality management requirements and other elements.

GMP+ apply to each particular step of a feed chain: cultivation, production of the compound, feed materials, additives and premixtures, as well as sale, storage and transport.

In our company, the GMP+ certificate covers two types of feed materials: beet molasses and pressed pulp. Three of our production facilities (Cerekiew, Ropczyce and Strzelin Sugar Plants) possess the GMP+B2 Certificates „Production of Feed Material”, while the Headquarters in Wrocław have the GMP+B3 certificate: “Trade, collection and storage & transhipment”.