Südzucker Polska S.A. is a reliable and trustworthy business partner, following the highest ethical standards. Our relationships with contractors and growers are based on dialogue whose purpose is to create the most convenient terms of business, as supported by experience and knowledge sharing, and definition of mutual expectations.

Mindful of their comfort of work, we are open to the needs of our employees concerning work environment, qualification improvement, and personal life.

We continuously pursue the policy of as active, open and direct dialogue with our consumers as possible. Our objective is not only to get to know their expectations but also to share a passion for kitchen experiments. Communication via our website or social media (e.g. LinkedIn) makes it possible for us to have a close relationship with them. Our consumers are an inexhaustible source of culinary knowledge, customs and preferences. We do our best to make our products an important inspiration for them, as well.

The overarching objective of all of our marketing activities is to provide transparent communication about our products and activities. Therefore, every detail is important, from precise packaging labels down to simple and transparent promotion and competition rules.