From the point of the sharia (Islamic law), halal means “permissible”. It is contrasted with haram – “forbidden”. Similarly to the Torah describing Kosher, the central religious book of Islam Quran specifies requirements of halal. The terms halal and haram are often used regarding the Muslim diet. In between the forbidden food products might be found i.e. pork, the meat of animals killed inconsistently with Islamic requirements and blood, as well as alcohol.
In practice, for the food producer, the product labelled as halal must meet the following conditions:
• cannot contain any of the haram substance and ingredients;
• cannot be prepared, processed or produced using the equipment contaminated with haram substances or products;
• halal products need to be physically separated from the products not fulfilling halal requirements during preparation, production, packing, storage and transport;
• are safe for consumers.
Sugar produced in all of our Sugar Plants meets the halal requirements.
Halal certificates were issued by The Imam Council of the Muslim League in the Republic of Poland.