The kosher of sugar produced by Südzucker Polska S.A. was certified for the first time at the Cerekiew sugar factory in 2011. Kosherness was verified by Rabbi Yitzhak Ehrenberg, head of the Jewish Community of Berlin.

The word ‘kosher’ (Hebrew: kashrut) denotes a set of regulations of Jewish dietary law. It may be translated as ‘fit’ and this is precisely its meaning concerning food. Therefore, a ‘kosher’ product is fit for consumption by a religious Jew. The kosher principles date back to biblical times and were written in the Torah. They may be said to have been the first food safety assurance system.

A kosher audit, unlike other quality verification systems, does not have a published standard. The only provisions available are included in the Bible, but they are so general and vague that they must be interpreted by a rabbi.

The kosher principles are observed by orthodox Jews. In Poland, where the Jewish community is small, the observance is not easy. As we are aware of the demand for kosher sugar, we decided to launch kosher production in response to the expectations of many customers.