One of the most important aspects of Südzucker Polska S.A. business is the production of top-quality sugar in harmony with the environment. As a socially responsible company, we monitor the impact of our production processes on the environment as we care about the cleanliness of nature, our common good. As a result, we are confident that beets that we procure for the production of sugar satisfy the highest quality standards. Moreover, we continuously work for the prevention of accidents and environmental damage.

During more than ten years of our operation, we have carried out a series of pro-environment projects and investments intended to reduce water and fuel consumption in production processes, minimise pollution and noise emissions and sewage and waste generation.

However, our everyday efforts to operate in symbiosis with the environment do not focus exclusively on pro-environment measures concerning to the production process. We also do our best to respect natural resources, such as paper, water, or energy.