Consumer expectations have significantly evolved as compared to preferences observed several years ago. Today, clients read labels more often and keep up to date with food quality news. It is no longer a priority to choose the lowest price. Consumers prefer products they can trust in all respects.

Taking all factors into account, Südzucker Polska S.A. puts great emphasis on the quality of its products. However, quality applies not only to sugar, our flagship product; it has become one of the key elements of our corporate management. Therefore, it is our priority to perfectly organise work, provide excellent customer service, and meet strict product hygiene and safety requirements.

Our focus on quality starts already at the stage of selection of appropriate sugar beet seeds. It is our overarching objective in the entire production cycle: from ongoing field supervision, harvest, unloading, preparation of beet for processing, and the processing itself. Product quality and hygiene assurance are at the heart of our activities. Importantly, this does not end at the moment of production but continues through the packaging and warehousing stages, our cooperation with suppliers of goods and services, up to the time of shipment of goods to customers.

In this way, we can be sure that we consistently deliver top quality products which are safe for our consumers’ health.

The success of our products is based exactly on their stable quality and ongoing product hygiene and safety assurance, as demonstrated by our quality and food safety certificates. It is also based on continuous system improvement, not only by the management but also by all employees.