It is very important for our business to have direct, two-way communication with consumers. For that purpose, we make use of innovative marketing tools. User opinions about our activities are very important to us and we are happy to receive comments and constructive criticism to tailor our portfolio even better to our customers’ needs. We are open to people who use Cukier Królewski on an everyday basis when baking, making desserts or beverages, which is why we are now on Facebook. Our Życie jest Słodkie (Life is Sweet) fan page helps us keep in touch with fans of cooking challenges who inspire us to keep improving Cukier Królewski products.

At the time of marketing new products, we discuss our proposed products with consumers. We carefully review every comment given in marketing surveys and use our conclusions to make further changes and develop our products.

As we greatly stress the importance of innovative solutions, the packaging for our latest products is functional and facilitates kitchen work. We also want to ensure that our products are properly labelled, so each packaging design must receive the approval of the Quality Assurance Department in terms of compliance with Polish laws and EU regulations.