Aware of the growing importance of corporate social responsibility, in 2011, we joined Sedex.

Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a business ethics data exchange platform. Sedex focuses on four areas: labour standards, health and safety at work, environment and business integrity. The purpose of the organisation is to raise the level of business ethics and corporate responsibility and make it easier for Sedex members to manage their global supply chains in terms of business ethics.

As a Sedex member, we provided details of our operation in the four areas above by completing a ‘self-assessment questionnaire’. Information from the self-assessment questionnaire can be made available to our business partners.

As a member of SEDEX organization we decided, that all our sugar companies (Cerekiew, Ropczyce, Strzelin, Świdnica) will be audited on SMETA 6.1 in November/December 2019. In each factory we got positive result.

Conducting of SMETA audit in Südzucker Polska results from Südzucker Group concept. It is also an essential element for our key clients and moreover it is one of the crucial sustainability factors.

SMETA audit is one of the mostly conducted ethical audits in the world, it gives possibility to inspect working conditions onsite. It bases mostly on interviews with blue and white collar employees. This kind of audit gives an overview of such items as: freedom of employment, save and healthy working conditions, non-employment of children or fair pay. Good examples in Südzucker Polska shown as result of the audit is e.g. Code of Conduct given to interested parts.