Südzucker Polska S.A. is a member of the European Südzucker Group, the largest sugar producer in Europe. As a member of a multinational corporation, we draw upon the many years of our experience gained in Poland and that of our sister companies in international markets. This enables us to respond quickly and accommodate rapidly changing market trends and customer needs.

In the last few years, we have consolidated 22 sugar factories, which made it possible for us to modernise the business. At present, Südzucker Polska S.A. produces sugar at four sugar factories: Cerekiew, Ropczyce, Strzelin and Świdnica.

White sugar, sold under the well-known Cukier Królewski brand which has been appreciated by Polish consumers for 20 years now, is the Company’s flagship product.

Südzucker Polska S.A. operations focus on three overarching goals: corporate social responsibility; innovation and growth in all business areas; and achieving and maintaining the highest level of customer confidence.

“We sow, produce and sell with passion” is our mission, which is in line with our priorities. We pursue this mission based on the highest competence and reliability of our staff and growers, lasting client relationships, and acting in harmony with the environment.