Raw Materials

Sugar beet is the key raw material in sugar production. Our Company uses its best efforts to promote sustainable and eco-friendly sugar beet farming. Therefore, we pay particular attention to soil protection, use of crop protection products as and when needed, soil fertilisation on a needs basis, optimisation of harvest timing and procedure, additional washing and transportation of beets. Our goal is to have a good harvest and high sugar productivity. While trying to achieve it, we focus on environmental friendliness, maintenance of jobs, and preservation of high soil fertility and productivity for future generations.

Beet growers are our key beet farming partners – we keep in touch with them all year round. We provide them with knowledge and the latest news at periodical meetings, individual consultations, by e-mail, using text messages, and through a dedicated website for growers at www.suedzucker.pl/pl/plantatorzy.html.

Our training courses for beet growers are based on full-field experiments. Annually, we sow and harvest beet in about 2,000 experimental plots at about a dozen locations within the area of operation of the SZP Group. We have been steadily expanding the scope of our research since the very beginning. Our first experiments in 2000 involved three topics. Currently, our experimental work involves as many as 10 topics and it is continually expanded and amended.