Employee Opinion Survey

A modern firm should be fully aware of the role of internal communications and it should pay particular attention to improving its organisational culture.

Therefore, to establish employees’ needs and diagnose our corporate strengths and weaknesses, Südzucker Polska S.A. carries out Employee Opinion Surveys.

Knowledge of the status quo and employees’ expectations enable us to focus on what is most important for employees and eliminate insignificant and ineffective activities. Therefore, our surveys help improve communication within the Company and ensure work satisfaction.

Communication works properly if employees are notified of what is going on in the Company, its plans and reasons for specific decisions. On the other hand, they can influence processes at the Company thanks to their clear knowledge of who they can approach and when. Additionally, employees are notified of what other departments are working on and how they can obtain data necessary for their tasks.

Improved information flow has a significant effect on business effectiveness as:

  • it improves the quality and speed of processes;
  • it reduces the time of responding to problems or market signals;
  • details of proposed initiatives or changes are available to all, so they attract attention and are better understood.

Employee Opinion Surveys are carried out at Südzucker Polska S.A. by an independent external firm, which ensures that all responses are anonymous. 74 per cent of employees took part in the most recent survey. The survey participation rate was higher than the average rate reported for surveys carried out at similar companies, i.e. 65%.