Noise Reduction

All present and planned Südzucker Polska S.A. investment projects are guided by the overarching principle of respect for and operation in harmony with the natural environment. This is why it is so important for us to reduce the acoustic impact of our factories on their surroundings.

A major project to reduce noise emissions is the construction of a tower diffuser and the rearrangement of the pulp press station and the beet pulp bridge at the Świdnica Sugar Factory. As a result of this project, some drives have been dismantled and moved to other locations, thus significantly reducing the noise level. The project also included the construction of an additional noise barrier close to beet pulp presses.

As part of the noise protection programme, the following additional solutions have been introduced at the recently completed wastewater treatment plant at the Świdnica Sugar Factory:

  • plant and machinery located in closed halls;
  • internal sound-absorbing insulation in the blower room;
  • sound-absorbing blower covers.