Cafeteria System

The company wants to create the best possible conditions for its employees not only in the workplace. Aiming to make it possible for our employees to maintain the necessary work-life balance, we have developed a wide-ranging benefits package offered through the so-called cafeteria system.

The cafeteria system takes into account individual preferences, employees’ age and interests. In this way, each employee can select the benefits which offer the most value to him/her.

Employees can select various services (up to a certain limit) from the ‘cafeteria benefit basket’, including:

  • healthcare (a prepaid healthcare plan with a selected healthcare provider);
  • healthcare services over and above the prepaid healthcare plan;
  • language courses;
  • courses, training, postgraduate study courses unrelated to the employee’s job;
  • sports activities;
  • tickets to cultural, art, leisure and other events.