Biogas Plant

The modern biogas plant in Strzelin generates electricity using only beet pulp, a by-product of sugar production. Electricity generated is used in part by the sugar factory itself and any surplus is transferred to the local operator’s grid. The heat generated by burning biogas in engines is used for sugar production and winter heating.

The biogas plant operates year-round and its technological raw material is beet pulp. The plant uses fresh beet pulp in sugar beet campaign periods (October to January) and fermented beet pulp in the remaining part of the year. The facility comprises three fermenters and three tanks for the storage of digestate (fermentation sediment). All tanks have built-in biogas containers.

Electricity and heat are produced from biomass during an anaerobic methane fermentation process in fermentation chambers, with the resulting biogas fed into heat and power blocks. The biogas plant at the Strzelin Sugar Factory has two such blocks, of 1200 kW and 800 kW, which use combustion engines running on biogas.